Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters - Parents, Subway, and Being Cheap

Here are a few Friday Letters to share...

Dear BJs Wholesale Club,

I really needed to pick up a few things this afternoon - eggs, milk, the best tortilla chips in the world, and a few other things.  THANK YOU for today being the last day my membership was valid... I just did not want to pay to renew today and was thrilled I could purchase my items today and wait until next time to renew.


Happy Shopper... minus the LONG wait in optical to get Madison's new glasses


Dear Father-in-law,

You have five children.  Two of them live in Rhode Island.  Those two live ten minutes apart from one another.  Those two talk to one another.  Why would you only tell one of them you were coming into town? Oh... that is right... you play favorites. 


Glad My Parents Don't Play Favorites


Dear Almost a Teenager Daughter,

I tried to take you to the other Subway to get dinner tonight.  You insisted we go to your "favorite" one.  I am sorry your "ex-boyfriend" from last year walked in right as I was about to order your plain turkey and cheese sub for you.  I am sorry you were both mortified.  I am sorry that he felt the need to hide behind him mom before ordering his Italian sub on wheat.   I don't think you could get to your cell phone fast enough once we got in the car to text your cousin and all of your friends.  Just remember this was the Subway you wanted me to bring you to.


Mom Who Offered Food Choices Other Than Subway


Dear Mom,

I am sorry excited you are coming to visit in a few weeks.  I am also glad that it will be the kick in the pants I need to clean the guest bedroom.  It seriously looks like a Michaels Arts & Crafts threw up in there.  Your visit will also prompt me to do all of the other things around my house I have been letting slide. 


The Worst Housekeeper Ever

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KatiePerk said...

Bwahahaha! Good luck with the clean sweep!!

Courtney said...

OMG the Xochitl chips?? I am OBSESSED with those...I bought them once for a platter I was making for a work event, and now always have a bag at my house. FYI: the also have them at Christmas Tree Shop (just in case you run out before you renew your BJs membership!)