Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's been a few days since I have blogged and ever longer since I've linked up to one of my favorite linky today I am linking up over at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

1. I am loving that my Madison didn't start school today (because of Hurricane Irene) so we get an extra day at home together.  Tomorrow...she starts 7th grade.  Wow.  I am kinda bummed... I thought since I wasn't working I would get to take her to school on her first day (I never have before because I was always teaching and had to be at my school)...but she wants to ride the bus.

2. I am loving that I let her choose tomorrow night's dinner and she chose Subway and a jello cake.  I will be making the cake tonight. 

3. I am loving that I am not teaching this fall.  It really was killing me.  I am missing my super fun co-workers and daily adult interaction.

4. I am loving my new house and our little town.  I'm loving my mom's awesome family who is about a 90 minute drive away who let us come hang out for the day when we didn't have power because of Hurricane Irene.  We had good food, good conversation, and I even got to use one of those neat front loading washers to get caught up on my laundry. We will be going back there this weekend for a family cookout for the Labor Day holiday and I am going to be making some of my fabulous baked goodies to share.

5. I am loving today... because it has been a good day so far... and the good days have been few and far between this month.  August has been a SUCKY SUCKY month...and I am hoping like cray September is amazing for our family.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Randoms

Here are some weekly randoms...

* Madison and I went this week to see The Help and we both loved it.  We laughed.  We cried.  It was fabulous mother-daughter bonding time before she goes back to school.  We also consumed a lunch of nachos, popcorn, and Reeses Pieces that day.  Usually she doesn't want to see the movies I am interested in... so I was thankful for a movie we both wanted to see together.

* I cannot believe my baby will be in 7th grade.  I love that she is still a little girl.  Having spent 9 years working in a middle school... I know all soon to be 7th graders are not like her.  I am thankful she asked me last weekend to make her pancakes into the shape of Mickey Mouse...and likes wearing graphic tees with funny sayings on them...and the Disney channel... as I realize this won't last forever...

* Top top off our week of healthy eating we had dinner this past week at a gas station.  Yep... we are keeping it high class here in Rhode Island.  It was actually pretty tasty... a placed called Boss Man Burgers that a guy Chris went to school with owns.  It was sort of like a 5 Guys.  It was inexpensive and tasty...and we will probably go back.

*My Erin Condren planner finally came.  I love it... I do... but I am glad I didn't pay the retail price of $50 for it.

* I am so happy to not be returning as a teacher this year.  I am so happy that for the first time EVER I can actually bring Madison to school on the first day {although she keeps saying she wants to take the bus...}.  I am not so happy though... that in a very short time I will have NO income... after working since I was 14... this is new to me... I need to get cracking on my baking via etsy.  I am going to be baking and shipping some items and offering baking mixes.  I ordered sample packaging for the baking mixes and am continuing to work on the labels.

* I am working on a wedding wall in our foyer...this is what I have so far -

* I made this and had it printed through Persnickety Prints.  They are mainly for digital scrapbook pages and since I needed a 12x12 print, they were very affordable and offered great customer service.  They also have other print sizes.


I am linking up for Insta-Friday.  Both my husband and daughter are newly addicted as well.   This week I am going to highlight their amazing photos.

{I accidently posted instead of scheduling a post...oops}

life rearranged

{Chris took this photo of Madison on Sunday when they were walking along the rocks in Newport.  Had I been there...this photo would not have been taken.  She is so close to the edge}

{Chris took this the other night of me.  I think it's neat}

{Here is a cool one he took of Maddie while she was on the computer in her bed}

{A rose from our backyard}

{Another flower from our yard}

{Another one of the rose}

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Great Pinterest Challenge - Please Vote for Me

I entered the Great Pinterest Challenge for August by submitting the frosting recipe I used for the cake/cupcakes I did for my friend's July wedding.

Here is my entry -

I would really appreciate your votes so I can win the great prize package they are offering.   You just need to like the Topsy Turvy Facebook page (who is sponsoring the recipe portion of the contest). Then like my photo.  That's it.  Thank you.

Pinterest Challenge

You can go here to read more about my first paid baking job for the wedding I did.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Super Fabulous Home Goods Type Deals From Your Couch

A friend on Facebook recently posted about a site called Joss & Main that I just had to check out.  If you are familiar with Rue La La, it's like that but for items for your home.  Sort of like a discounted Home Goods...but online.  They have rotating sales from different companies.  You can pick up things like canvases, lighting, glasses, furniture, etc...

When I registered... it immediately told me there were no spots to join...and I was sort of bummed, but just two days later I got an email that a spot had opened up.  So if you sign up and get the same response, hang in there, because a spot will open. 

Click on the link below to sign up -

Joss & Main

Sunday, August 21, 2011

World's Biggest Procrastinator

Yep... this is me to a T.

I am going to go ahead and blame the following things -

1) It is hOt and we have no central air

2) Lack of help - usually my mom comes to help me unpack when I move and she didn't come this time

3) I'd rather sit and read blogs

4) I'd rather pin on Pinterest

5) And at this very minute... I would rather be eating some Sun Chips and watching a Hills marathon I just found on TV and blogging about I am now

It is terrible...that we moved in three weeks ago tomorrow and our house isn't ready...and things aren't hung on the walls...and clothes aren't hung in the closet.  I am ashamed.  I am embarrassed.  I am lazy.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Insta-Friday - Beach Edition

I am linking up for Insta-Friday today and I have some great photos to share.

life rearranged

Last night we took a drive after dinner to get ice cream and then on the way back stopped at a beach in a place called Island Park.  The weather was amazing and we had a great evening together.

My Maddie...who will start 7th grade in less than two weeks

Maddie & Chris by the water

A seagull

I love this one... I took it from the car before we pulled away.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Decorating Ideas via Pinterest

I have a wall in my kitchen just about this side that I am seriously considering doing this on.  What do you think?


I have the board and the star fish to make this for my bathroom... I just need to do it.

I started to make this before the move.  I have the canvas painted with the branches.  I just need to add the flowers.

I am definitely doing a plate wall. I have a small wall space to the right of our sliding glass doors in the dining room.  It's going there.  I have picked up I think 8 plates or so already.  I need to buy the hangers.

I am not sure what quote I am going to use, but I definitely think this project is in my near future.

DIY - Bathroom Decor

I decided to do a beachy/ocean/nautical themed bathroom in our new house.  Our new bathroom has a lot of wall space.  I set out to create a 3 piece set of art for the bathroom.  I am so happy with how they turned out.

 I used Picnik to create my prints.  I saved them as JPEG files.  Then I uploaded them to CVS and ordered 5x7 prints (which were less than $1).  I got the frames for $1.99 each at this great little shop near our new house called Christmas Tree Shops. I love this store... I have picked up lots of fun items here...and it isn't what it sounds like... I only saw 1 aisle of Christmas stuff.

I traced around the frames on leftover packing paper, cut them out, and taped them up on the wall to make sure I had them spaced out how I wanted them.  Then I put the nail in the wall with the paper up and then removed the paper.  I will definitely be using this technique (which I saw on Pinterest) to hang the rest of our frames.

The set of these three prints are available for digital download in my etsy shop... if you are interested.  Use code "BLOG1" to save 15% off your first purchase.

Then you can print them out at your local drug store, Target, Costco, etc... and frame them. 

Contact me through etsy if you are interested in different colors or different sea creatures... I can do custom prints for you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recipe - Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wraps

Since the move...and well me no longer working...we have been eating at home A LOT more.  One of our favorite places back in Virginia to eat at was Buffalo Wild Wings.  I ALWAYS ordered the buffalo ranch chicken wrap.  Tonight I set out to recreate it...and it turned out fabulous.  Being the great bad recipe blogger I am... the only great photo I have is over the final product... but I swear it's easy and tasty.  I sort of winged it... as I do with most things I make for dinner.

*This made 8 wrap halves.  My husband and I each ate 2 halves, plus we have leftovers for tomorrow's lunches*

Ingredients -

3- boneless skinless chicken breasts
4- large wraps - any flavor
1- cup shredded cheddar cheese
1- bunch of romaine lettuce
1- small bottle of ranch dressing
1/2 - bottle of buffalo wing sauce

You could also add diced celery or tomatoes to your wrap if you like those things...we don't.

Directions -

1. Cut up the chicken into bit sized pieces. Cook over medium high heat in a skillet until cooked all the way through.  {I sprayed my pan with Pam cooking spray before hand).

2. While you chicken is cooking, chop up one bunch of romaine lettuce.  Heat your tortillas for 30 seconds in the microwave.

3. When the chicken is done, leave it in the pan, and coat it with the sauce.  I used about 1/2 a bottle...but you can use as much or as little as you would like.

4. Divide the chicken into the 4 tortillas, top with the lettuce, cheese, and ranch dressing to taste.

5. Roll like a burrito... if you aren't sure how to do that, check out this little handy how to.

6. Cut each wrap in 1/2 and serve.

These were excellent.  They tasted just like my favorite wrap at Buffalo Wild WingsWe will definitely be having these again very soon.

I am linking up to -

Somewhat Simple

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This may be tmi... but it's my life...

It's great when you get your period...a day early...when you were really hoping it wouldn't come at all.

It's great when after the move from still aren't fully unpacked...and that box...the one you thought you had at least another day to find...the one with the tampons in nowhere to be found.

It's great when you dig in your big ole purse and are able to find just one tampon before you head out to the store to buy another box.

It's just great when the one you find looks like this -

{Yep... it had a stamp stuck to it as well as a scrap of straw paper from a Sonic drink}
I am not sure what my plan would have been had this stamp and straw wrapper covered tampon not been in the bottom of my purse but I am sure glad it was.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cooking & Baking AGAIN

Last Thursday I started cooking again for my family.  It had been a long time due to our recent move.

Thursday morning I knew I would be busy all day unpacking and organizing so I threw in a quick and easy dinner.  I made crock pot chicken tacos.  This is by far one of the easiest and tastiest meals I do.  You add 3-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, a can of chicken broth, and a packet of taco seasoning.  Cook 6-8 hours on low, shred, and return to the crockpot.  You can make almost anything with this chicken.  You simply cannot go wrong with this.

Friday morning...same thing.  I knew if I didn't put something in the crock pot, then we would end up ordering in.  I made these pepperoncini beef sandwiches in the crock pot.  It made a bunch and again... it was a big hit.  I also fed my father in law, nephew, and two of my brother in laws and they all liked it too. I followed the recipe and also added 1/2 a sliced onion to the crock pot.   I served it on toasted rolls with melted provolone cheese.

I also made this chocolate ganache frosted chocolate buttermilk cake topped with peanut butter cups for my brother in law's birthday.  It was a HUGE hit.

Saturday my mother in law came over for dinner.  I made meat lasagna.  It was quick and easy.  I used half cheesy spaghetti sauce and half vodka sauce.  It was great.  I like the top to be crispy too.

Sunday evening I made homemade beer bread and this chicken broccoli supreme casserole.  It was very good and I liked the fact that it was all homemade.

Tomorrow I have grilled buffalo chicken wraps on the menu...  I am finding Pinterest to be a great resource in locating new items to add in to our meals.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Randoms

  • This morning I watched Teen Mom, Flipping Out, and two episodes of Babies Behind Bars {which was a new shown on Oprah's network and a mix of craziness and sadness} when I was supposed to be unpacking.

  • I want my house to be in order, but I am seriously lacking the unpacking mojo I need.

  • I just heard a crash...and I am too lazy to get up and see what it was.

  • I am making a new crock pot recipe tomorrow - Pepperocini Beef Sandwiches, if it turns out good I will share the recipe this weekend.

  • Maddie is obsessed with my Instagram app on my phone as am I.  She also seems to be loving the new house...which makes me happy.  Her favorite is the yard and the compost pile she has started...which as of right now has 3 banana peels in it.  She eagerly eats a banana each morning to add it to the heap.  Today she told me if I let some of them get brown and use them to make banana bread, the brown peels would be better for her compost.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Photo Dump

My move from hell has kept me from blogging much... but I hope to be more regular with it...once I start decorating, cooking, baking, and crafting again.  Ever since I got the iPhone I have been using it daily for are some recent ones.

I was {pin}spired by Pinterest to do a plate wall in my new dining room... here are two I picked up last weekend at Home Goods.

My husband and daughter at lunch at Chilis...this was on Sunday...after our moving truck arrived - LATE -...then it started raining...then they never unloaded, so we were forced to go back to the hotel.

This was on that same day...back in the hotel...she fell asleep on the couch while doing something on her laptop.

Last Saturday we visited this fabulous farmer's market and then had lunch at a bakery/deli on the property.  Fantastic!! Homemade breads, real turkey, and yummy baked goods.  We will definitely be going back.

This was $1.  It is going on my photo wall I am putting up on another wall in my dining room.

Apparently if I am looking for something to drink out of... I can open my box of coup's and get a CUP!

When the movers finally delivered our stuff Monday afternoon... we needed lunch.  So I ordered from a place the previous tenants left a menu for.  This was the BEST pizza ever.  It was buffalo chicken pizza with chicken, buffalo sauce, celery, carrots, bacon, and blue cheese crumbles with a side of blue cheese dressing.  I cannot wait to order it again.

I snapped this photo of Maddie this morning...she was still asleep... her first night sleeping in our new home. She is covered up with the comforter I had on my bed my freshman year in college... it is still fluffy and fabulous and she loves it.  We aren't sure where her bedding is...yet.

This is my poor kitchen...covered in boxes.  It's old...but the appliances are new...and it is big.

Our living room... also with tons of boxes...and the new TV my husband HAD to have.  He has claimed for months it was a necessity :)