Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Photo Dump

My move from hell has kept me from blogging much... but I hope to be more regular with it...once I start decorating, cooking, baking, and crafting again.  Ever since I got the iPhone I have been using it daily for photos...here are some recent ones.

I was {pin}spired by Pinterest to do a plate wall in my new dining room... here are two I picked up last weekend at Home Goods.

My husband and daughter at lunch at Chilis...this was on Sunday...after our moving truck arrived - LATE -...then it started raining...then they never unloaded, so we were forced to go back to the hotel.

This was on that same day...back in the hotel...she fell asleep on the couch while doing something on her laptop.

Last Saturday we visited this fabulous farmer's market and then had lunch at a bakery/deli on the property.  Fantastic!! Homemade breads, real turkey, and yummy baked goods.  We will definitely be going back.

This was $1.  It is going on my photo wall I am putting up on another wall in my dining room.

Apparently if I am looking for something to drink out of... I can open my box of coup's and get a CUP!

When the movers finally delivered our stuff Monday afternoon... we needed lunch.  So I ordered from a place the previous tenants left a menu for.  This was the BEST pizza ever.  It was buffalo chicken pizza with chicken, buffalo sauce, celery, carrots, bacon, and blue cheese crumbles with a side of blue cheese dressing.  I cannot wait to order it again.

I snapped this photo of Maddie this morning...she was still asleep... her first night sleeping in our new home. She is covered up with the comforter I had on my bed my freshman year in college... it is still fluffy and fabulous and she loves it.  We aren't sure where her bedding is...yet.

This is my poor kitchen...covered in boxes.  It's old...but the appliances are new...and it is big.

Our living room... also with tons of boxes...and the new TV my husband HAD to have.  He has claimed for months it was a necessity :)

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