Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This may be tmi... but it's my life...

It's great when you get your period...a day early...when you were really hoping it wouldn't come at all.

It's great when after the move from hell...you still aren't fully unpacked...and that box...the one you thought you had at least another day to find...the one with the tampons in it...is nowhere to be found.

It's great when you dig in your big ole purse and are able to find just one tampon before you head out to the store to buy another box.

It's just great when the one you find looks like this -

{Yep... it had a stamp stuck to it as well as a scrap of straw paper from a Sonic drink}
I am not sure what my plan would have been had this stamp and straw wrapper covered tampon not been in the bottom of my purse but I am sure glad it was.

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B. Wilson said...

I love your tag labels for this post and specifically the graffitied tampon-- but I don't love that you're not pregnant! BOO!

Ttc sucks. There's just nothing to it.

p.s. On a totally unrelated note... guess what's in my crock pot right now? YOUR chicken!