Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This House is a Good Mess. It's the Proof of Life

The other week my friend from high school, Erin, contacted me.  She reads my blog and had seen some of the printables I have made.  She wanted some "how-to" advice on making a printable.  I  just went ahead and offered to make it for her.  She told me the quote she wanted to use and told me her color scheme.   We had several emails back and forth until I sent several to Erin to choose from.  I was thrilled when I received in email from her the other day (while in the middle of my moving nightmare) which included a photo of the final product hanging on her wall. 

 I love the frame Erin chose and how fabulous it looks on her wall -

If you would like the file for this printable emailed to you, simply leave a comment below with your email address. 

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