Monday, August 15, 2011

Cooking & Baking AGAIN

Last Thursday I started cooking again for my family.  It had been a long time due to our recent move.

Thursday morning I knew I would be busy all day unpacking and organizing so I threw in a quick and easy dinner.  I made crock pot chicken tacos.  This is by far one of the easiest and tastiest meals I do.  You add 3-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, a can of chicken broth, and a packet of taco seasoning.  Cook 6-8 hours on low, shred, and return to the crockpot.  You can make almost anything with this chicken.  You simply cannot go wrong with this.

Friday morning...same thing.  I knew if I didn't put something in the crock pot, then we would end up ordering in.  I made these pepperoncini beef sandwiches in the crock pot.  It made a bunch and again... it was a big hit.  I also fed my father in law, nephew, and two of my brother in laws and they all liked it too. I followed the recipe and also added 1/2 a sliced onion to the crock pot.   I served it on toasted rolls with melted provolone cheese.

I also made this chocolate ganache frosted chocolate buttermilk cake topped with peanut butter cups for my brother in law's birthday.  It was a HUGE hit.

Saturday my mother in law came over for dinner.  I made meat lasagna.  It was quick and easy.  I used half cheesy spaghetti sauce and half vodka sauce.  It was great.  I like the top to be crispy too.

Sunday evening I made homemade beer bread and this chicken broccoli supreme casserole.  It was very good and I liked the fact that it was all homemade.

Tomorrow I have grilled buffalo chicken wraps on the menu...  I am finding Pinterest to be a great resource in locating new items to add in to our meals.

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B. Wilson said...

Okay, I am SO stealing your crock pot chicken recipe idea. I hate cooking chicken (since I don't eat it) but like to make it in large quantities to freeze so we'll have it for a long time! Genius.

Your beef sandwiches looked divine, too, and that broccoli casserole! I just need to figure out how to make it all veggie. I might just make it with extra veggies like a florentine or maybe add some long grain rice to the mix for a little thickness.

I have been such a lazy lion lately with the cooking... I really need to get back into things. I also love my lasagna crispy! And pizza. I used the TJ's dough yesterday to make pizza on the stone and loved it as usual.

Also, I just want you to know that everytime I see a Moe's or hear of it, I think of you. They aren't anywhere in IL to my knowledge, but traveling we saw one and I instantly thought of you and the obsession. ;)