Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Move from HELL

I started out typing a long post... but it was making me mad...and exhausted...again. 

Basically this is what has been going on -

10 days ago Graebel Movers came to pack up our house with a planned delivery date of August 1st.

Today is the morning of August 8th... and we are still not living in our home with our belongings.

I am supposed to meet the truck at the house this morning {{fingers crossed}}.

I am sick of being without my stuff.

I am sick of going out to eat.

I am sick of being screwed over by a moving company with the most horrible customer service I have ever experienced.

I just want to be in our new home, with my family, cooking, baking, and our new life here in Rhode Island.

Instead our lives have been turned upside down for going on 11 days.

I don't have the energy to type out everything that has gone wrong... but basically everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong, + some.

Seriously... false promises, late arrivals, different stories, lies, not unloading our stuff due to rain, many phone calls, and basically... not one person with this moving company said to me...

I am sorry.

This is not how our company operates.

How can we rectify this situation?

Instead... we had to pay for our own hotel for two nights (one night costing $399.99 for a room at a Holiday Inn Express due to the area and a local festival going on...and summer tourism). 

We have had to pay for our own food...and have only been given a $25 a day allowance per person that they say they will reimburse... seriously? My husband's company gave just him $75 a day when he was up here working without us.

I am hoping that the letters I plan on writing and emailing will bring some sort of reimbursement and resolution to this nightmare of a situation.  I know moving is stressful and lots of times things do not go as planned.  But I am so not exaggerating when I say every single thing has gone wrong.

I really hope our stuff is moved into our house tomorrow.  I hope our life will return to normal tomorrow.

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