Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Randoms

Here are some weekly randoms...

* Madison and I went this week to see The Help and we both loved it.  We laughed.  We cried.  It was fabulous mother-daughter bonding time before she goes back to school.  We also consumed a lunch of nachos, popcorn, and Reeses Pieces that day.  Usually she doesn't want to see the movies I am interested in... so I was thankful for a movie we both wanted to see together.

* I cannot believe my baby will be in 7th grade.  I love that she is still a little girl.  Having spent 9 years working in a middle school... I know all soon to be 7th graders are not like her.  I am thankful she asked me last weekend to make her pancakes into the shape of Mickey Mouse...and likes wearing graphic tees with funny sayings on them...and the Disney channel... as I realize this won't last forever...

* Top top off our week of healthy eating we had dinner this past week at a gas station.  Yep... we are keeping it high class here in Rhode Island.  It was actually pretty tasty... a placed called Boss Man Burgers that a guy Chris went to school with owns.  It was sort of like a 5 Guys.  It was inexpensive and tasty...and we will probably go back.

*My Erin Condren planner finally came.  I love it... I do... but I am glad I didn't pay the retail price of $50 for it.

* I am so happy to not be returning as a teacher this year.  I am so happy that for the first time EVER I can actually bring Madison to school on the first day {although she keeps saying she wants to take the bus...}.  I am not so happy though... that in a very short time I will have NO income... after working since I was 14... this is new to me... I need to get cracking on my baking via etsy.  I am going to be baking and shipping some items and offering baking mixes.  I ordered sample packaging for the baking mixes and am continuing to work on the labels.

* I am working on a wedding wall in our foyer...this is what I have so far -

* I made this and had it printed through Persnickety Prints.  They are mainly for digital scrapbook pages and since I needed a 12x12 print, they were very affordable and offered great customer service.  They also have other print sizes.


Jassi's Girl said...

you will love your life planner ! I can't go anywhere without mine!

Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty said...

I wanna see more of the tree~ our whole wedding was a tree theme!
XOXO Andrea