Friday, October 19, 2012

Insta Friday

life rearranged

The other week I made Buckeyes for my husband to to have while watching the Ohio State game.  Please forgive the holes in the center.

My mom came the other weekend and we went shopping for Madison's birthday - Here is Madison with all of her bags.

A TO DO list Madison made for me the other week...
I was so excited to pick up this pumpkin bar mix... but then I softened the butter instead of melting it and then cooked it for too long.  They weren't very good.

Portraits I had taken of Madison

On Tuesday I was off.  My husband stayed home too and we went to Hobby Lobby, out to lunch, and to Trader Joes.
Apparently at the new pediatrician's office if you have a cold or cough you have to wear a mask when you walk in the door... Madison happily obliged.

While at Trader Joes I stocked up on some seasonal pumpkin items.



Kara said...

I'll straighten Madison's hair. Send her over before the game:)

mikky said...

You have me craving pumpkin brownies! Madison looks really pretty in the photo you had done. Oh and what a great haul she got shopping, lucky her!