Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SO WHAT Wednesday!

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So What Wednesday
SO WHAT if... I am really completely over my blog design, but too cheap to pay for a new one.   I just want something more simple.  With chevron.
SO WHAT if... I have planned our Friday meal out this week around my friend Kara telling me that Red Robin has pretzel buns... so that's where we are going.
SO WHAT if... we are having Mexican again for dinner tonight - last night was turkey taco salads and tonight will either be chicken fajita burritos or quesadillas.
SO WHAT if... I have lots of work to do today, plus dishes, plus the house to clean, but I am about to watch last night's Private Practice instead.
SO WHAT if...  I am super excited for our Thanksgiving trip home.  I am also looking forward to being close to Nordstrom Rack, World Market, Pei Wei, and a chocolate chip cookie... or two from Chickfila. 
SO WHAT if... I am dreading winter... and the crazy looks I will receive when I continue to wear my favorite flip flops to the grocery store when it is 30 degrees out.

SO WHAT if... I cannot... will not give up my cherry Coke zero.  Unless of course I end up pregnant and then I'll stop buying/drinking it.


B. Wilson said...

Red Robin is our guilty pleasure. If you REALLY want to go over on calories, get the Whiskey River burger. It's seriously so incredible that we talk about how yummy it is for hours after eating it. I order it with the pretzel bun. I think the bun is only in season for the Oktoberfest burger though, just FYI.

We'll be going back this month because I have their rewards card (pick up in store) and I get a free burger and fries for my b-day month. And we're on our 9th burger on my rewards card, so that means our next visit we'll get a free one as well. Then E's birthday is December and we'll get one free then, too! I'm telling you... we love the place. ;)

I'm dreading winter, too!

Lisa Liberati said...

I want a new blog design too!

Jane said...

I love pretzel rolls too and found them at the local Honey Baked Ham store. They are the size of hamburg buns.

Kara said...

Pretzel buns are so yummy!! Let me know if you find them at the store:)