Monday, April 2, 2012

I Think I've Lost My Mind

Last night I ordered some free 8x10 photos from Walgreens.  The normal Walgreens I go to wasn't offering the online print ordering last night, so I sent my order to another one in a nearby town. 

This afternoon when Madison came home from school we went grocery shopping.  Afterwards we headed to CVS.  I walked into CVS, up to the counter, and gave the guy my last  name.  He looked and looked for my photos, but couldn't find them.  He called a manager over to help him. 

It was around this time when I realized I was standing in CVS and not Walgreens.  Feeling like a huge moron, I told him I was going to look around while they looked.  I then booked it to my car and over to Walgreens. 

I am a mess.

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