Monday, April 9, 2012

Miscellany Monday

I am linking up for Miscellany Monday.

1. The Best Easter Yet

We had such a fabulous day from beginning to end. We did Easter baskets when we woke up... and even might have had a peanut butte egg for breakfast.  Afterwards we picked up my mother in law and we took her to lunch at Not Your Average Joe's.  We had a fabulous, but very non traditional meal... which included Rhode Island Calamari, for an appetizer,  Chicken Enchiladas with Poblano Crema for me, Mediterranean Chicken for my mother in law, a pork chop dish for my husband, grilled cheese for Maddie, and Hot Apple Cinnamon Sticks for dessert.   The service and the food was excellent and we really enjoyed ourselves.   I was so glad I decided not to stress about making a big meal and to just treat ourselves to an Easter meal out.

2. Hunger Games

I started reading the Hunger Games Friday morning in the car on our way to Maine.  I finished it Saturday evening.  So on Sunday after lunch, we dropped my mother in law off, and headed to the movies. All three of us enjoyed the movie.  Madison is trying to convince Chris to read the book.  I am hoping to move on to Catching Fire very soon.

3. Bloom

My book arrived Saturday evening.  I started it last night...and enjoyed it with a little cup of peanut m&ms.  I got well over 100 pages read.  I cried.  I love how the photos add so much to the story.  I cannot wait to read more this evening.  

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