Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recipe - 285 Calorie Breakfast Sandwich

My husband and I have been eating these breakfast sandwiches just about every day since we started using My Fitness Pal. 

This one comes in at 285 calories. 

It consists of -

1 Pepperidge Farm deli flat (100)
1 serving (2oz) of Canadian bacon (60)
1 Sargento slice of ultra thin mild cheddar (45)
1 fried Eggland's Best egg cooked in Pam cooking spray (80)

*You can also use a lean deli ham in place of the Canadian bacon for roughly the same amount of calories.

1 comment:

Erin McG said...

Yum!! I'm SO hungry. After 3 weeks of this dieting nonsense I thought I would have kicked the "hungry's" in the rear. I think it must be hormones. Lovely.