Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Weekend

Friday afternoon after work I met Chris and dropped off Madison.  He took her back to his work for a bit and I rushed home.  My sister had mailed me books II and III in the Fifty Shades series and I was eager to get started on book II.  After they left Chris' work they made stops to Michaels, the book store, and the liquor store to get some Skinny Girl Sangria for me.  By the time they came home, it was late, so we opted for Chinese food and TV in the living room.  Then I baked iced lemon pound cakes and made a cheeseball for a graduation party on Saturday.

Saturday we got up, got ready, and realized we were starving before we left to head to Connecticut.  We stopped at a little diner in our small town on our way to the highway, sat at the counter, and had a quick bite to eat before getting on the road.  We ended up at my cousin Danny's college graduation party in Connecticut.  I was the flower girl in Danny's parents' wedding when I was a little girl.  This was a special graduation party because all of my mother's siblings were in attendance.  My mom is the oldest of 8 children - 4 boys and 4 girls.  Here they are at the party (my mom is in the front in the blue shirt) -

We had a great time at the party.  My Aunt Mary made homemade cream puffs - lemon and chocolate raspberry ones.  They were amazing.  I am hoping to get the recipe so I can recreate them at home.  It was nice to catch up and see everyone.  My mom came up from Virginia, her sister, Denise from South Carolina, and her brother, Tom from Georgia. After the party we stopped by Marshalls and Kohls for a little shopping before heading home.

I had to work on Sunday for a few hours.  Madison had a friend over.  My husband took them to see The Hunger Games for the third time. Madison went to the movies with $20 and came home with $0.  Afterwards we had a nice chat about not spending every dime.  After the movie the girls came back to the house and made a video.  After Madison's friend left she uploaded it and created this movie.  When she showed me last night I was floored.  She is pretty tech savvy and did all of the "movie making" and "editing" on her own.  Sunday evening we grilled out and I had some wine... three glasses full.  We ended the night with Chris watching a movie and me plowing through Fifty Shades Darker.

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