Monday, May 28, 2012

Miscellany Monday

I am linking up at lowercase letters for Miscellany Monday.

{1} I added the cutest new custom Instagram magnets to my etsy shop this week.  You can use coupon code, FREESHIP to get free shipping off of any order from now until the end of June.   If you have your own blog and would love a free magnet to blog about and a chance to offer a chance for one of your readers to receive 2 free magnets,  send me an email at instamagnet {at}

{2} I took a three day weekend (minus a thirty minute team meeting this morning) from work and it was much needed and fabulous.

{3} We had a busy, fun, and productive weekend. Saturday we went to Connecticut where we went outlet shopping, mall shopping, Home Goods shopping, and out to lunch. Sunday I did stuff around the house while Chris and Maddie went hiking and then we grilled out, went to Target, and then watched a movie. Today we CLEANED like crazy people and I know have a bag of clothes to donate to my cousin's daughter and two bags of assorted clothes I need to find some local organization to donate to. I also cleaned out our washer and did laundry; we went out to dinner, and went grocery shopping.

{4} Saturday night I ordered new bedding. I cannot wait for it to arrive. We went with a new duvet, duvet cover, fitted sheet (we don't use a top one) and pillow cases. I googled a promotion code and ended up getting 20% off. My goal this week is to work on a piece of art which will go over our bed once our new bedding arrives.