Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blog Roundup

I read most of the blogs I follow from my phone through my AppGReader app.  When I read something I am interested in going back to or commenting on, I star it, which leaves me with a HUGE folder of starred items.   Here are some share worthy reads I have come across lately....
This post about weekly food prep by Iron Bowled Over has some handy tips for preparing meals in advance for ease during the week.  I will definitely be following some of her tips.
This post with lots of tips for using Pinterest by Grass Stains would come in handy for any newbie pinners.

This post which includes an Instragram Cheat Sheet by Fat Mum Slim where I learned some things I didn't know about using Instagram.

This post that shared a recipe for a Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Cake by Six Sisters Stuff.  I made this on Friday.  I subbed a yellow cake mix for the homemade cake and omitted the nuts.  It was a big hit with everyone and is excellent.

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