Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So WHAT Wednesday

I am linking up for Shannon's SO WHAT Wednesday.

SO WHAT if Madison had to be picked up from school early today because she wasn't "feeling well".  We have a girls night planned tonight... and I am pretty sure we are still going when she wakes up from her nap.  I think she just has a cold.

SO WHAT if I really think the Duggars are pushing their limits with all of these children.  I think most of us (me excluded.. obviously) would have 19 children if we didn't use any sort of birth control or natural family planning.  I still BAWLED my eyes out watching the season finale of their show when they went to the doctor to find out the gender of their baby only to find out it had no heartbeat.  Finding out the baby inside of you has died...SUCKS... whether you have no kids... or 19 kids.

SO WHAT if I had every intention this week of starting the Hunger Games... but haven't even picked up the book.

SO WHAT if I haven't made reservations for Easter brunch yet... or bought anything for Madison's Easter basket... I think I need a trip to Target for the Easter basket stuff.


Brandy said...

I've got to remember to get Easter basket stuff! I keep forgetting.

Erin McG said...

Bawled my eyes out too! It was incredibly sad. You could feel their pain radiating through the TV screen. I can only imagine.

Hope you ladies have fun on your girls night out! Maybe Maddie is suffering with allergies. Mine are in full force and they are AWFUL!!

AWD said...

I missed the season finale of 19 and Counting! I love that show...not sure why because it's not like my other faves (Real Housewives, anyone?) but I just love them. That makes me sad too that their baby died:-( Aaaaand you also just reminded me to get Easter stuff...thanks!