Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SO WHAT Wednesday

I am linking up with Shannon today for So What Wednesday.

So what... if I waited until almost 9 PM to do my So What Wednesday post... it has been a busy day.

So what... if this morning after eating this Cinnabon cinnamon roll cake for breakfast two days in a row I threw the rest in the trash so I would stop eating it for breakfast.  It is THAT good. 

So what... if my husband needs to go to the DMV tomorrow... and they only take cash and check.  We never have cash.  I used my last check today.  Since I rarely use them, I didn't realize I was quite out.  And... well we may have some more, but our guest bedroom/office/storage room (where they probably are) looks like a bomb went off inside of it. I just ordered a new box.

So what... if I have stopped complaining when my husband plays stupid video games.  Madison likes to watch him and it gives me free time to buy random stuff on the Internet or watch trash reality TV in my bedroom.


Erin McG said...

Boo for the last "so what". I think I'd call her back and tell her unfortunately you forgot you already had plans. Hello, you are to be celebrated that day and spoiled. Not babysitting.

Brandy said...

You should totally cancel on babysitting that day! There's plenty of time for her to find someone else!

Kaitlyn said...

What kind of mom doesn't want to be with her own kids on mothers day? You should say you didn't realize it was mothers day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes to trashy tv and cinn for breakfast! and yay for 'YOu" time! sorry you have to work on mother's day, i wouldn't have thought about it either!