Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day Photo Letter Gift

I made this for my dad for Father's Day.  The grandkids call him Pop. 

Since I have one kid, I went went the O and since my sister has two she went with the P so she only had to purchase one letter.  I think the letters were $3.99 at Michaels.  We each took our photos and then she sent me hers.

I created a Microsoft Powerpoint slide.  Then I added and sized the photos and added the Happy Father's Day.  I sent it to Walgreens to be printed as an 8x10.  Then I purchased an 11x14 frame with matting and framed it.  Easy... personal... and I think he will love it.

I wrapped it up with tons of bubble wrap, boxed it up with tons of packing paper, and it will be off tomorrow morning to my dad in Virginia.

If you are interested in the file (with blank spots where my photos are) I used to create your own... leave a comment with your email or make sure you email is tied to your comments and I will respond back via email with the attachment.  This of course would also work with DAD.