Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Family Beach Trip to Duck, NC

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite photos from our trip to Duck, NC.  There are ton more - I compiled all of the photos into a Shutterfly album to send to my parents as a thank you.  They have no idea and it should be arriving soon.

Madison getting ready to drive the go karts.

Uncle Chris and Owen getting ready to drive the go karts.

Maddie and Owen about to do the bumper cars.

My sweet nephew, Owen.


Getting ready to do the bungee trampoline.

Owen loved the bungee trampoline.  He jumped very high and did all sorts of flips.

The best photo I could get of all three grandkids.  I had this made into a 16x20 canvas which should be on the way to my parents' house a special surprise thank you for our week at the beach.

My sister, Keri and niece, Olivia.

Ny nephew, Owen

Our backyard pool... where we spent most of our time.

Owen on the beach.

The group of kids (the other 3 kids are the grandchildren of my parents' best friends).

Chris and I.

Chris and Maddie... being silly.


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