Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SO WHAT Wednesday!

SO WHAT if... Madison didn't want me walking her to the bus stop today.  I can watch her from the front door walk to the stop and wait there for the bus.  But my mom fail today was when the two other moms in the neighborhood did walk their kids to the bus.
SO WHAT if... I am making cupcakes in a jar this morning to send to my first ever wedding clients to enjoy in their new home - and haven't eaten breakfast... because my breakfast will be sampling one cupcake.
SO WHAT if... I meal planned for the week... I am working a 12-8 shift tonight... Madison asked for Little Cesar's for dinner and Little Cesar's it will be.
SO WHAT if...  yesterday I literally had to force myself to drink my green monster smoothie for lunch - it somehow got really thick and I wanted to vomit.
SO WHAT if... I watch way more reality TV than I read.  I cannot wait to watch last night's teen mom on the DVR.
SO WHAT if... I spent a lot of time on a custom order for someone through my etsy shop... I made several changes she asked for... only for her to not have purchased the listing.  Lesson learned... charge upfront for custom listings.


Ashleigh Nichole said...

I think we all watch too much reality tv! Lord knows I do... I cannot get enough & I do love my DVR :)

Sarah said...

I gave you an award! :)

Eyes Wide Open said...

I would probably watch reality TV all day if we had TV! Because of my husband and stepson's ADD we don't have anything but Netflix and we change the password if he misbehaves - it really helps me catch up on my to-read lists!
And where is Little Caesar's? I didn't even know there was one around here...the kid loves that stuff!