Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SO WHAT Wednesday!

SO WHAT... if I declined the promotion I was offered at work. I wanted it, but they were not offering me enough money.  I counter offered and they refused to budge.  Now I will wait and see who they will get to do the job... or if they will offer me more money.
SO WHAT... if I spent too much money at the mall today.  Madison and I had a great day shopping and going out to lunch.  It was a much needed girls day out.
SO WHAT... if I meal planned and grocery shopped for the week... but tonight Maddie has cheer practice and cheer uniform pick up and I know we are going to end up eating out... oh well.
SO WHAT... if I am STILL not pregnant. Some days it feels like I am going to be 40 (which is 6 years from now) before we have a baby... and that is just going to have to be okay.   Becuase the alternative... not having a baby is just not okay.
SO WHAT if... I am thrilled that a certain moocher relative moved away. It was nice to enjoy a meal out with family this weekend and not have to pick up the tab for someone who feels entitled and cannot even say "thank you".
SO WHAT if... school starts in less than two weeks and Madison still has not even come close to finishing her summer work.  I have to get her to finish asap.


Melissa88Senick said...

Love this. So what about the job. You know what you deserve and it will come. Patience is a virtue!!

Melissa88Senick said...

P.S. I choose you for a blogging award. Check out my blog post for details. Happy blogging. Xoxo.