Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday FUN Day - Shopping, Food, & a Crazy Mom at Panera

Madison and I went shopping at Garden Ridge with my mom yesterday.  We didn't find much.  A lot of it seem overpriced.  I did see these cupcake canvas paintings for $14.95 which I liked...would be great in a bakery one day...I could also probably make them myself.

Madison thought this monkey was hilarious and posed for a photo beside it.

Next, we headed to Panera for lunch.  YUM!  I love their toffee nut cookie and plan on re-creating it at home very soon.  Madison had her usual Panera meal - a plain bagel with plain cream cheese.

Sitting near us was a mom with a newborn in an infant carrier.  When her food order was ready...she left the baby at her table...and went up to get her food and was gone for several minutes where the baby was not in her view.  My mom and I were stunned.  Two additional times during lunch she left the baby unattended at the table.  SCARY!!  I guess she wasn't aware that people KIDNAP babies!!  She could have asked a stranger to keep an eye on the baby OR asked a stranger to get her food for her - sheesh...I know I would have.

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Gina said...

That is scary. I know I am paranoid, but still.