Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Crafts

While dinner (balsamic onion grilled London broil, rice pilaf, and green beans) was cooking tonight I finished up this holiday craft I had been working on.  I painted a small 4x4 canvas I picked up for $1 and then added the dots and the R for our last name...or I may send it to my sister...her last name starts with an R too.  I added the beaded wire to the top and now its ready to hang.
I also made this the other week.  I painted the letters myself and then added the accents in lime green and red that I picked up from Michaels for around 50 cents each - they were on sale.  I had to have my friend Kara make the bow for me.  After countless google and you tube  searches I was still unable to make one myself that I was happy with.  This is my first wreath...and looking at it there are some things I wish I had done differently. Here is my Christmas wreath -

In October I made two Halloween signs.  Here they are -

I love taking a trip to AC Moore or Michaels with my weekly coupon and seeing what neat things I can make.  My new projects to start are a happy holidays sign like my Halloween one and a cute blessing ring project I saw on another blog to make with all of the cards we received from our wedding.  Do you like to make crafts? What is your favorite store to shop for craft materials at? Leave a comment and let me know.


Jess said...

Love them all! I'm gonna try something with the kids in the next few days.... =) I like your small hanging decoration alot!

bekapaige said...

Love the wreath!

The Roberts said...

I love the R canvas. Send it to me!!!

Jana said...

Cute stuff!! :)