Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear New Pediatrician's Office,

I chose you purely for the reason you are in walking distance from our house. I was pleased today how much both Madison and I enjoyed meeting her new nurse and doctor today. However, after leaving and arriving at CVS, I was not happy to realize you forgot to give Madison the one immunization she needed... so now we have to go back at 1:30. And... scheduling lady at the front desk who called me back to give me a new appointment... when you tell me I can come anytime and I suggest 12:30... and you chuckle and say "We go to lunch from 12:30-1:30"... like I am somehow supposed to know this... I hope you weren't offended when I told you I didn't know your lunch schedule and picked 1:30.


Mom Who Only Wanted To Come In Once Today


Dear New Possible Employer of My Husband,

Please hire my husband. I can think of no worse personal hell than for me to possibly have to return to work full-time outside of the home as a teacher come this fall. My husband hasn't mentioned this... but I am sure he is thinking it. Also, when you hire him please make sure we can go on our family vacation.


Worried Wife of Unemployed Husband


Dear Viacom/DirecTV,

I am 34, married, and a mother of one. However a large part of what I watch on TV is on MTV and VH1. PLEASE get your shit together so I do not have to miss next week's episodes of Teen Mom and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I know you keep blaming one another, but I don't care who is to blame. I would just like the insane amount we pay each month for DirecTV to allow me to watch these two channels.


Woman Who Watches Too Much Reality TV



B. Wilson said...

Bahahhaha. The third letter.

April said...

Ooo good letters! Sorry to hear about the job situation! Hopefully good news is just around the corner.

I would be LIVID about the pediatrician. What a joke!

And I have DirectTV, too, but haven't had the chance to even look and see what channels are gone now. I already hate DirectTV!!