Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK to be leaving on vacation tomorrow and to have not packed anything.

It's OK to already despise my new co-worker.  Here is a convo between us this morning.  Mind you she has made some reference to Spanish every day.

About to lose it on my new co-worker who insists on greeting me in Spanish.... I am ASSuming because of my last name...

Co-worker - Melissa, I'm here. Buenas dias!

 ME - Good morning. Do you speak Spanish?

 Co-worker - I took 3 years in high school, that was over 35 years ago (mucho anos atras!) I can provide rudimentary face-to-face customer service if no one else in the store understands Spanish - that's what I did when I worked as a pharmacy technician

  ME: Oh.. because I don't.

... then she proceeded to talk about work. So obviously it went right over her head and I am expecting a "buenas tardes" at the end of my day...

It's OK to be really annoyed after learning people are stealing photos off of my blog.

It's OK to have strongly considered "forgetting" my laptop when we go on vacation so that I won't have to do any work while I am gone.

It's OK to be equally parts happy and sad that Madison returns to school in about a month.

It's OK to finally give in and let her create a Facebook... we are her friends and have access to everything - it will be monitored often.


Melissa88Senick said...

Ugh I'm so bad at procrastinating when packing too. Hope you have fun on your trip.

Alyssa said...

Oh my word. Your new co-worker sounds like so much "fun!"

Sarah said...

Bummer about your pictures! :( Out of curiosity, how can you tell if someone is stealing pictures? Can you only tell if you see them elsewhere or is there another way? Every time someone talks about their photos being stolen it makes me nervous!