Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Randoms {Job Joss & The Beach}

1. My husband lost his job the last Friday in June.  Yep... the job we uprooted our lives for... he lost.  He is a government contractor.  The contract ended and the company who has had it for twelve years lost it and laid off the workers.    The good news is that he was able to apply for a job with the new company who took over the contract.  They called this morning and he has an interview tomorrow.  We are so relieved and he is pretty confident he will get this new position.

2. We are slightly worried about our vacation plans for the end of July/early August that we have had planned for many months.  We have prepaid hotels down and back to the gorgeous beach house we are spending a week in with family and a plane ticket home early for my husband (as I am staying longer at my parents' house)... so while getting this job is our #1 concern... we are still hoping like crazy my husband can still go on the vacation... and I will not have to drive with Maddie all of the way to Duck, NC in one day.  So are thinking positive thoughts that it will work out so the three of us can go on vacation as a family.

The Beach House

3. Since our income is a little sketchy for a bit I have really buckled down with meal planning to try to reduce grocery costs.  I also made these meal plan templates because I only meal plan for four days... so they work for me.  I am going to print 1 or 2 as an 8x10 photo, put it in a frame I have and use a dry erase marker so my family knows the weekly menu.  I plan on sharing them and some others as a free dowload once I get mine printed and framed.

4. One day last week Madison went to the beach for the entire day with my sister-in-law and two cousins.  She had a blast.  She has spent 4 days total this summer at the beach and is already the most beautiful shade of brown.

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Lisa Liberati said...

Sorry to hear about the hubs but fingers crossed he gets the new job! [and can go on vacation!]