Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Kid FREE Week...

Last Saturday we went to Massachusetts for the day to drop off Madison with my mom (who was visit family there).  On Sunday they flew back to Virginia where Madison spent a week with my parents.

While she was there having a great time (shopping, manicure/pedicure, plus a trip to the beach) we...

Went shopping at Target and Whole Foods.

Watched two movies from Redbox - Redtails and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Had three days nights - two which included DRINKS... I had this sangria sangarita drink from Chilis which was fabulous... and cheap... only $4.25

I made  dinners at home too - grilled pork chops, grilled chicken and shrimp, BBQ ranch salad, and buffalo chicken wraps.

I worked on my Shutterfly 2012 album - trying not to fall too far behind.

We watched a new television show called Final Witness... pretty good.

We went to Ikea... and bought a new dresser for our bedroom and a rack for DVDs.

I ordered two things from Groopdealz - these chevron state prints from this etsy artist (I hope they are amazing - I usually am a stickler for checking feedback... and didn't... and they have none... fingers crossed) and this necklace for Maddie (which this artist has 100% feedback).

We are excited to pick up Madison today and have her back home. 

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