Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SO WHAT Wednesday!

I am linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew today... when I should be cleaning the house and finishing cooking for the BBQ we are hosting today.... oh well.

SO WHAT IF... I insisted we host a BBQ... but now that we have spent a ton on food and I still have a ton to do... I am reconsidering my choice.

SO WHAT IF... I think that DirecTV has a note on our account that says "Send the slowest... dumbest... most incompetent worker to this house every single time".  Because... the guy has been here for 2+ hours this morning and I see no end in site.

SO WHAT IF... my # 1 thought yesterday when the roofers removed our DirecTV dish and we no longer had service was... "SHOOT...  I am going to miss Teen Mom tonight".  Fortunately, I heard from a friend it wasn't on.

SO WHAT IF... one of the things I am serving today are Funfetti Cookie Bars.... made from a box....

SO WHAT IF... I still have a gazillion things to do... and need to get to going.


Leah said...

wait... funfetti cookie bars?! tell me more!!! omg!

April said...

LOL about the Direct TV! Our signal goes out at the mere mention of rain! I hate it!

J and A said...

Funfetti cookie bars sound amazing!! Happy 4th.