Sunday, December 19, 2010

Art Project - Framed Wedding Date Set

This weekend's project was based on several sources of inspiration...yet I was able to do it on a budget.  Many sites offer this type of  item...however they are super expensive and around $100 if not more.  The motivation to do it came from a recent post over at Happy Go Lucky.  Go there and checkout the fabulous square mosaic art she created with her last name.  Here is the one I did -

{My final result...hanging on the wall...I LOVE it}
I gathered the images HERE and got started.  There are tons of designs to choose from for each number.  I went with pink and green ones (our wedding colors) but you could choose to go with all formal styles of letters, all black and white, etc....

I chose to use the numbers 7, 17, and 10 to symbolize the date of our wedding July 17, 2010.  I downloaded the ORIGINAL size files.  Then I used Power Point and made them into 5x7 prints and had them printed at my local office supply store.  I think I ended up paying $1.38 for my prints.  I had them printed on photo paper.  In hindsight I could have just used my new home printer.  I then had to use my little paper cutter to cut them down to size.

Then I grabbed a black frame with three matted openings I had picked up over the summer for our wedding photographs and framed it. 
 I love the results.  It was so easy and fun to make.  I know it will be something we will cherish forever.  I am also planning on making these for some upcoming bridal shower gifts.  I am also working on making one with our last name.  I worked up what I want...but am trying to re size it so I can print it and then put it on canvas. 

Total Cost $11.37 ...which is way less than the pricey online retailers selling the same thing

If you make one I would love to see it.  Or if you need any help or have any questions...please let me know.

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