Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Plans and Goals -

I wanted to set some December goals for myself and my family and thought I would share them here.  I have been MIA for a few days mainly because my husband and I just purchased this -

Our 'new' v6 Toyota Highlander

I LOVE IT!! This is the first time I have ever went to a dealership...selected...and purchased a car.  It has low mileage,its roomy, and FABULOUS!!

Now on to my December plans and goals -
  1. Wedding Photos - I want to finish ordering and framing my wedding photos and canvases.  I had no idea this would be such a time consuming and confusing process.
  2. Get this House in Order - mainly my master bedroom closet and our closet both which pretty much looks like an episode of Hoarders.
  3. Cook and Eat at Home - I like to cook.  I don't like going places in the winter when its dark and cold when I get home from work.  With a 2nd car payment...we need to watch out money f0r a bit. 
  4. Read More.  I read blogs...and magazines all of the time.  I have two books which I need to read.  I would like finish both of them before the end of the month.  My books to finish are Thirteen Reasons Why which Madison and my friend Kara both read an enjoyed and Nanny Returns which my husband bought for me last Christmas and I have yet to read.
  5. BLOG every day. This one is pretty self explanatory.
  6. Save Money - I want to be more active with clipping coupons, using coupons, shopping sales, and saving money.
  7. Start my Business - I am working on opening a bakery first...through etsy...with a long term goal of having an actual small bakery/cafe.  So far I have set up etsy shop - Betty Ray's Bakery and a Facebook fan page (link to like it is to the right). The fabulous Miranda at Little Sailor Designs created my banner, reserved listing avatar, shop avatar, and label for my business. She also created my fabulous blog as check her out if you are looking for some design work.  So in addition to working on the business aspects of it...I need to work on my bakery menu and perfecting my recipes.

What are some of your December plans and goals?

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