Thursday, January 5, 2012

12 Random Things for 2012

12 Random Things for 2012

-12- Random Things

1. Ever since I learned how cheap, easy, and tasty it was to make homemade pizza... we have had it once a week.
2. I think my husband thinks since I work from home... I don't really work... but I do.
3. I always buy crafty things to make... but never make them right away.
4. My new favorite snack is almonds and a cheese stick.
5. I drive Madison to the bus stop.
6. My elderly neighbor calls Madison by the name Morgan.  I don't have the heart to correct her.
7. I swear as soon as I clean my kitchen... it is dirty again.
8. I am working on a super fabulous Pinterest inspired project for my mom.
9. If I am at home... my hair is pulled up in a pony tail on the top of my head.
10. I drink a glass of water every night when I get in bed.
11. I am newly obsessed with anything chevron.
12. After failing to do my 2011 family album until the end of 2011, I have already started my 2012 and vow to keep up with it.  My 2010 book is amazing because I worked on it several times each month.

-11- Things I Do Every Single Day
  1. PEE a lot
  2. Watch TV
  3. Check Facebook
  4. Play Words With Friends
  5. Read blogs in my Google Reader (usually from my phone)
  6. Clean the kitchen
  7. Cook or bake
  8. Wear my black flip flops
  9. Drink diet coke
  10. Send text messages
  11. Use my Erin Condren planner
  12. -10- Most Recent Purchased I Have Made (with 1 being the most recent)
1. a 32 oz. fountain soda
2. our rent payment
3. groceries at Stop & Shop
4. some craft supplies at Michaels
5. McDonalds for Maddie
6. parking at the airport
7. groceries at Trader Joe's
8. lunch at Chipotle
9. scrap wood and paint at Home Depot
10. lunch at the Coddington Brewery

{I have bought nothing fun or exciting since before Christmas}

-9- Future Vacation Destinations

1. To my parents' house
2. To my sister's house
3. To Cape Cod
4. To Boston
5. Back "home" to Virginia Beach
6. On another cruise
7. To Disney World
8. To New York City
9. To Hawaii (hopefully)

{I realize nothing is really overly exciting... we live a simple life}

-8- Things Currently in my Living Room

1. My Christmas Tree
2. Chris with his iPad
3. Maddie with her iPad
4. Lots of blankets on the couch
5. a bowl of gummy bears
6. Our TV
7. Chris' Red Sox sweatshirt hanging over the couch
8. magazines I need to read

1. Something on TLC related to having babies
2. Teen Mom 2
3. Any season of Real Housewives
4. Something on the history channel
5.  Top Chef
6. House Hunters
7. It may be turned on to the Xbox for video games for Chris and/or Madison
-6- Of My Favorite Foods

1. almost anything from Panera
2. my homemade enchiladas
3. most Mexican food
4. Cherry Coke Zero
5. chips and salsa
6. buffalo chicken anything

-5- Things in My Purse

1. My matching wallet
2. Random change
3. hair ties
4. receipts
5. pens

{My purse is so big a small child could fit inside of it}
-4- Things I Would Love to Buy Myself

1. New sneakers
2. New winter boots
3. Some new workout clothes
4. some new cooking utensils

-3- Things I Did Today

1.  I worked out. 
2. I worked a 7 hour work shift.
3. I made dinner.

-2- Things I Can Reach From Where I am Sitting

1. My cell phone
2. flyers for next week grocery store sales

-1- A Picture That I Love

My favorite wedding photo-

I "borrowed" this idea from Emily's blog, Live a Charmed Life and tweaked it just a bit.  I wrote it Wednesday evening to post on Thursday morning.
-7- Things the TV Would Likely Be on If You Came Over


Just the Two of US said...

cute post! love the randomness!

Kaitlyn said...

Hope you don't mind- once again I don't know what to post about so I will take your idea :)

Oh- and I love the TV list- Mine will not be far off at all!

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

If you came to my would looke very similar. It seems we live very similar lives. ha! And if you came over, the tv would be on The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother or Family. Happy Thursday!