Monday, January 2, 2012

January 1, 2012 Was a Great Day

Sunday January 1, 2012 was a great day.

We slept in.

I made breakfast.

Maddie and I went to Michaels and wandered around for a bit and picked up three things we needed/wanted.

Then I took her grocery shopping with me.  I brought my reusable bags and let her use the scanner they have where you scan and bag as you go, then check out with your scanner at the end.  She loves doing it... So today I let her.

I stayed under budget... although not as low as I would like it to be.

When we came home I made a recipe inspired by Pinterest that I will share this week.  I made Baked Beef & Black Bean Chimichangas.  They were fabulous.  On day 1 of the new year I've already made one new meal... which was one of my January goals. 

After dinner I made Pumpkin Butter Bars.  They are one of Chris' favorites.  We picked up a jar of pumpkin butter at Trader Joe's this weekend and he requested that I make them. We each had one and are saving them for today when his brother and niece come over for dinner.

Then I made homemade peanut butter cookies...using the recipe on the back of the holiday peanut butter cups I picked up for 60% off at Walgreens last week... also to serve for dessert tonight. I used a mini ice-cream scoop to portion out the dough.

We spent lots of good quality family time together yesterday. 

Chris and Madison are both off today.  I have to work.  I am thankful I work from home and can still be here.  My brother-in-law and niece will be coming over in between my two work shifts today for dinner.  I am making baked buffalo chicken wontons for appetizers and my brother-in-law is making his grilled pork tenderloin, rice, and beans.  I am serving the bars and cookies for dessert.

Yesterday was a good day.

I am hoping all of our days continue to be so great.

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