Saturday, January 21, 2012

Would You Believe Me?

Would you believe me if I told you..

-That yesterday I moved our kitchen table into the foyer to work. I love this new setup and plan on doing it every day now.

- That I ordered these shoes slippers last week and I cannot wait until they arrive.  They are Uggs... I chose these instead of the boots... I plan on wearing them...everywhere I go... which is like to the grocery store.

- That I went back to the DMV yesterday and it was packed.  Thankfully I had a ticket which said I had been there before and I was called pretty quickly... only to find out when I got up there that they NEEDED MY HUSBAND... cue panic... and three phone calls until I got ahold of him.  I pretty much said "get your ass here now"... ten minutes later there he was... and we got everything handled with my license and car.

- That when I got home and looked at my registration before putting it in my glove box... the lady listed our last name WRONG... yes... WRONG... she listed it as ending in a -ARIO instead of a -ADO... really slow and crappy Rhode Island DMV people?

- That I basically told my husband I was done with the DMV and he would have to handle the registration name screw-up on  his own when he goes back next week for his license...

- That I have an expensive digital camera... that I never use... I pretty much just use my iPhone.

-That today I am planning a trip to Ikea. Woohoo!!

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