Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Randoms...

~ So I haven't been to Curves all week... which is horrible I know.  I wanted need to go this morning.  I am hoping I still have time to go before work.

~ Instead I am sitting here waiting for the oil company to deliver the oil to heat our house.  Does anyone else have oil heat? This is our first time with it and it is a ridiculous chunk of money all at one time... I miss my monthly gas payment from back in Virginia.

~ While I sit and wait I have folded laundry, made a list of bills I am going to pay off next week, and of course... wrote this blog post all while watching last night's Grey's Anatomy episode.

~ Last night I didn't feel like making dinner. So Madison and I picked up Subway...which we ate on the couch... while watching this week's episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

~ I have over 5000 emails in my AOL email account... I really need to go through it and clean them out.

~ Madison waited until last minute to finish her science fair project... but ended up happy with the results.

~ I am working on a new handpainted sign...


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I have never heard of oil interesting! And Madison is so cute. I love the sign you're making too!

Erin said...

I love that sign Melissa! So sweet! You come up with the best craft projects.
My father in law as well as my neighbors across the street have oil gas and I thank the Lord that I don't every time I see the truck pull up to refill them. My FIL talks all the time about how expensive it is.