Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Should Have Done More...

Friday evening Madison and I met Chris after he got off work because we had some things to get done at the bank (which is on the naval base) and we had to ride in with him.

Afterwards we had an early dinner at Chilis.  I took my car to the grocery store for a few things and Chris and Maddie went to get some movies at Red Box.

I did my shopping...and got in line.  As I was putting my items on the belt.. there were two men in front of me (with different transactions) one who was trying to pay.  He tried two different cards... neither worked... and they sent him away.  I watched the cashier take his items out of his bag... there weren't very many items...

I kept thinking I wish I was right after him... I would have spoken up and offered to pay for the groceries he was getting... but I felt like I was too far back and wouldn't have been able to do it quietly and discreetly... so I didn't. 

As the cashier was helping me... I kept hoping she would go faster.  I went through my wallet and pulled out a $20 bill... hoping that I would see this man when I left the store and could give him the money to go back in and get his things.

By the time I got out he was gone... I drove around the parking lot a few times...but it was dark and crowded and I couldn't find him.  I called my mother to tell her the story and felt choked up like I couldn't get the words out.

We have struggled financially in the last six months since moving here... and things are really starting to look up for us.  I have had to cut back a lot... and I watch what I buy at the store... but I have never not been able to buy groceries... we have yet to go hungry... but I know the feeling must be awful... and I really wanted to help this man...  I wish Maddie or Chris had been with me... I could have ran after him to give him the money... but I was alone and so I didn't.

I should have done more...

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Heather said...

The fact that you wanted to help this person speaks volumes about your character. You obviously have a big heart :)

The world needs more people like you who want to help.