Friday, February 10, 2012

A Fun FREE Add On to Your Valentine's Gift Giving

Yesterday Madison and I went to the Dollar Tree and found these Valentine's Day "gift"cards. 

Now I could have easily spent a few dollars and bought these... but they didn't all apply to us. We are not dancers... so a night on the town dancing would not reply to our relationship.  So I came home, got on Picnik, and whipped up three sets of my own "gift" cards that I knew would appeal to my husband. 

{Here they are, printed, cut, and ready to go}

I uploaded them to Walgreens and this morning I picked them up.  I ordered two of each one.  I cut them in half and stuck them in his card.  Easy peasy...creative...and personalized.   I think he will love these FREE gifts. If you are just exchanging cards... a few of these would be great to throw in as well.

You can download these for FREE.

{3} Polka Dots 

I just ask you use them for personal use only and do not alter or resell them... although really feel free to use the idea of them to create your own more personalized versions in Picnik.

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Just the Two of US said...

how cute! i saw those at the dollar store too.