Saturday, February 18, 2012

Frames + Scrapbook Paper = DIY Wall Art

How I Did It-

I have only been able to find once piece of art for our living room that both my husband and I liked and that went with our living room (it is the numbers canvas in the above photo). So, I decided to make my own wall art.
I have been on the hunt for months for scrapbook paper that matched the fabrics in our living room.  It wasn't until last week when I finally settled on two pieces I loved.  I wanted the square look, but really this project can be done with any mat opening 12x12 or smaller. 

I simply purchased the materials and then framed the scrapbook paper as I would a photo.

I love how these turned out.

Purchasing the Supplies -

My frames are 20x20 with 11.5x11.5 openings and are from Ikea for $19.99.  Mine are black but they are also available in white or natural wood.  They can also be purchased online from Ikea here.

This paper I used was purchased at either Michaels or AC Moore (I do not remember) and can be found online here for less than 50 cents per 12x12 sheet.

The other paper was purchased at AC Moore within the last week or so.  I couldn't find it online. 

Total Cost = $41.48

2 sheets of scrapbook paper $1.50
2 square Ikea frames $39.98

What I Love About It -

  • It matches the other colors in our room.
  • It looks fabulous hanging on our green wall.
  • I can always change out the paper if I change the colors in my living room.


Erin said...

Super cute! You are so crafty!!

Kaitlyn said...

OK- I have about 6-7 BOOKS of scrap booking paper. What cool ideas can we come up with for Ava's room?