Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am linking up today for What I'm Loving Wednesday... for no other reason than today is a good day and I am happy (not pregnant... just happy). Shocking... the happy part...I know, so I felt like sharing things I love would be more fitting than my usual SO WHAT rant...

I am LOVING that my  husband ordered these for me for Valentine's Day.  This is exactly what my wedding bouquet looking like.  He took Madison one day after school to the florist by our house, showed them pictures from our wedding, and asked them to copy it.  MAJOR points for my husband.  I am not a flower loving girl, but I loved my wedding bouquet and I love these.

I am LOVING the fun cookies I made yesterday for my husband.  I usually shy away from cut out cookies, but these were fun to make.  My frosting skills could improve a LOT, but they were fun...and tasty.

I am LOVING this fajita sauce.  I picked it up at Target last weekend.  Today when I went back to Target I got two more packs.  Seriously... buy it and make chicken fajitas out of it.

I am LOVING that I am off of work today.  I caught up on my shows on my DVR (Hello... Teen Mom 2 season finale and Real Housewives of Orange County), headed to Target, then to Panera, and then for an afternoon of getting caught up on crafts and other house projects.

I am LOVING that I have been keeping up...for the most part with my February photo challenge.  As you can see here... some days are missing and need to be filled in, but I will get to those soon.



Erin said...

Yay for happy days and BIG points for your awesome and thoughtful hubby. Those flowers were GUH-OR-GEOUS!!!!
I MUST see pics of your new craft projects. I need some inspiration :).

KatiePerk said...

Way to go sweet husband. Those flowers are beyond pretty and how thoughtful! Your cookies look great! I am going to try that fajita sauce!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

The flowers were beautiful and so sweet! What a hubby you got :)

Glad you had a good Valentines :)

Laurie Tester said...

You're cookies are adorable! I made some, too. I'm too lazy, though...I used only one color icing. You're flowers are beautiful. Happy Little Friday!