Monday, February 20, 2012

Miscellany Monday

I am linking up for miscellany monday today over at lowercase letters.


{1} No Baby Furniture For Us

On Saturday we drove to Cape Cod for the day.  After having lunch we stumbled upon an unfinished furniture store, where we proceeded to buy a pricey dining room table and four chairs.  We also picked out a custom stain/paint for them.  It will be ready in about a month.  On the way home... I started to cry.  Dammit... we should have been out today buying baby furniture not a dining room table.  I want a crib... not a dining room table.

{2} Working on a Holiday

Today is a holiday. Chris is off of work.  Madison is work at school.  I have a 9 hour work day ahead of me.  I MUST start remembering to ask off of work on holidays.

{3} Kelle Hampton's Book

I love Kelle Hampton's blog. She wrote a book.  I pre-ordered it last week... along with 25 pregnancy tests and a kit to frost cupcakes because mine is broken and has missing parts from Amazon.  It was probably my weirdest order from them ever. 

{4} Soft Pretzels

Per Madison's request we made homeamde soft pretzels yesterday afternon.  They were so good.  We made some with salt and butter and some with cinnamon sugar.  She made them in her cooking class at school a few weeks ago and has been asking to make them at home.  They weren't ready until after 6 PM so they basically became dinner.  I will be sharing the recipe tomorrow.

{5} I Won Something

Bright Modern Circus Greeting Cards
There is a great etsy shop, Two Poodle Press, that I have ordered from before.  She has some great designs, they are high quality, and affordably priced. Every Tuesday on Facebook she has a giveaway for the first person to comment with their email under the item up for grabs.  This past Tuesday I won these fabulous notecards and they arrived on Saturday.  So check out her Facebook  and keep your eye out for her Tuesday giveaways. 

Two Poodle Press has no idea who I am...other than a crazy Facebooker who has won many giveaways and an appreciative customer.  She has no idea I am even mentioning her on my blog.


B. Wilson said...

Those pretzels. omg. I'd have no problem making those dinner.

Excited for your dining table, but totally understand the crib. :/ Still never used mine. Hopefully in this coming year, but honestly... we've owned the damn thing for 1.5 years.

Summer said...

those pretzels look amazing! Yay for a dining room table! I am sure you will be buying a crib in no time! I am new to your blog and uncertain of your story but hang in there sweets!


lori said...

#3 had me cracking up. most random order ever. i am so excited about kelle's book, i pre-ordered it last week as well :)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i too, am so thrilled about reading Kelle's book. she's such a gem!