Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Randoms

1) Yesterday I was featured over on Happy Go Lucky. I shared this fun recipe for Pineapple Coconut Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting.  They are super yummy...and I think taste best cold...and with fruits and veggies inside... are a perfect breakfast treat.

2) Madison and I have plans to go see The Vow on Saturday morning.  I cannot wait.  We have been looking forward to seeing it since we saw the preview.  We will probably throw in a lunch out and a trip to Target to round out our fun girls day.

3) I designed these fun Valentine's for my sweet nephew, Owen.  Here is a quick photo my sister sent after she attached the chocolates.  I got the idea from another blog and I feel terrible that I cannot now find that... I went through my starred blogs in my Reader and I cannot find it (just know this is not my original idea and as soon as I find the original I will give credit), created it in Picnik, and uploaded it to Costco so my sister could pick them up all the way across the country in Las Vegas.  I am sure Owen's kindergarten buddies will love these.

3) Madison has her first "boyfriend".  She is 12... so I am not sure really what kind of relationship this is as they only text one another and see each other at school.  She was sharing her news with her grandmother on the phone and confessed to her that at school they refer to them as "MANDREW", like Madison + Andrew = MANDREW... I mean who do they think they are? Brad and Angelina?  He seems like a nice kid from what she says, but my biggest fear is she will get hurt... I know she is excited and happy and so I don't want to undermine this 12 year old "love", but I still have this big fear he will break her little 12 year old heart... and that scares me.

4) I love love love my iPhone.  I usually read all of the blogs I follow through my Google Reader on my phone and when I come across a recipe, a picture, a quote, etc... I want to remember I use the feature on my phone to take a snapshot of it so I can come back to it.  It is super convenient.  Once I check out the sites or write down the recipes, then I just delete the shot I took. Here are some of the things I have taken a recent shot of -

A site to purchase art someone discussed on a blog

I need to remember this

Wine someone recommended I want to pick up to try

A makeup board I want to make for Madison

A case Madison mentioned she wanted for her iPad...once she gets it back.  She took it to school on Monday without permission and has lost it for a week.

5) I ordered this Living Social deal (which is still available) for $30 worth of Fannie May candies for only $15 for my husband for Valentine's Day.  I ordered an assortment of candies that I got to hand pick.


Just the Two of US said...

Ok, I love the valentine cards. You did an awesome job!!! Those cupcakes look amazing, I checked your guest post out yesterday!

B. Wilson said...

Your date with Madison sounds lovely. Adding Target to any date makes it perfect. :)

LOVE the Valentines. The creativity is incredible. Will be noting that for MANY years in my future when I finally get to do things like that with my children. Man, I hope.

Erin said...

I can't believe sweet little Maddie has a boyfriend! Augh! Where did our babies go?!