Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SO What Wednesday

It's time for SO What Wednesday...

SO what... if worked sucked yesterday.  We were swamped due to a new app launch and I worked my butt off all day. 

SO what... if my boss messaged me to ask me if I was also working while listening in to a conference call... really? Of course I was... Our clients were able to call in to something called a war room to ask questions... so sometimes the war room was dead and other times it was super busy.  I was just supposed to listen in (my phone was on mute) to hear how they go as I have never been part of one before.  While doing this I worked and worked and worked my entire shift.  

SO what... it still beats all of the hassles and headaches of teaching... even on the crappy days.

SO what... if I had the worst stomach bug ever on Monday... like you wouldn't believe me if I told you how awful it was... and embarassing...

SO what... if I didn't make it to the grocery store this week until Tuesday...and I didn't meal plan... and just added the ingredients for three quick dinners I knew I could quickly make.

SO what... if I emailed our accountant twice asking where my packet was to submit out taxes... and still haven't filled out the form or printed out my husband's W-2s.

SO what... if I read an article via Facebook about how soda is so horrendous for you...and here I sit drinking a diet wild cherry Pepsi.

SO what... if my sister texted me yesterday to tell me she had to put her dog to sleep.  And I cried.  I don't even like dogs...or pets...or most animals... but I was sad... so sad for my sister, her husband, and their two small kids.


Anonymous said...

We've has the stomach bug in our home too! no fun, and worked sucked monday for me too!
Hope the rest of your week is great!

awesome post

Meg Smith said...

I always read things about how awful soda is for your body and hear these horror stories about what it does to your insides, but I can't give up my diet coke...or diet MOXIE!!! Yum!

Sad for your sister and her family. Putting an animal down is never easy. :(

At least you made it to the grocery store!!! And you meal plan usually??? You're way ahead of me!!! I just roam aimlessly through the aisles and pick up what looks yummy (dried mangos and cereal) and then order out dinners. Not helping my calorie counting! ;)

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

Knock on wood..I haven't had that bug yet. I had one last year--at work. I have had the unfortunate luck to have hurled in every bathroom in the building at work (and that was only because I could not get out of there fast enough). It was horrid. I feel your pain.