Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Night I Failed at Making Dinner

I consider myself to be a great cook.  I really do.  Well... tonight proved otherwise.  My husband even asked me tonight at the dinner table where his wife was.  He even went so far to say that I "MJ'ed" the dinner.  For those of you who do not know... MJ is my mom... and well she isn't known for her cooking skills. 

I made chicken cordon blue.  It was awful.  Like I had one bite and almost puked and then I could barely eat anything else.  I have made chicken cordon blue before and it was excellent...but I tried some different things tonight and well it was just awful.

Luckily I also made my macaroni and cheese and so we didn't starve as well as some corn.  But after the one bite of the crappy chicken, I just couldn't eat anything else.


Erin said...

Oh NO!!! BTW, loved the mac and cheese recipe. I do however need you to tell me what kind of shredded cheese you used. I used part sharp cheddar and part mild cheddar and it just wasn't as "melty" as I'd hope it would be.

Just the Two of US said...

Oh i hate when that happens, I've done it before, just remember we can't all be perfect all the time... messing up is what makes it all better then next time!
Happy friday! it's the weekend!Yay