Monday, April 25, 2011

Our House Hunting Trip/Vacation Part ONE

I have known pretty much since I met my husband we would eventually be relocating to Rhode Island with his company.

Well...the time has come.

We flew to Rhode Island this week to hunt for a house.  It was our # 1 mission of the week.

We arrived Monday after 2 flights and picked up our rental car.  Then we checked into our hotel - Ocean Cliff  in Newport.  It was gorgeous.  It was on the water.  To get there you had to drive through these hills that were lined with the most beautiful homes I have ever seen.  Pretty much most of what we saw of Newport was amazing.

The rest of the evening included driving all over the island looking at different ares as as well as 1 appointment to check out a house in an area called Island Park.  This house had one bathroom and it was upstairs.  No thank you.  Afterwards we got an email from a realtor that included two appointments for the next day.  She gave us the addresses so we quickly drove past both of them and decided from the outside we were interested.

After wards we stopped for dinner where I proceeded to LOSE it.  My husband ordered a sandwich.  He was on the phone with his mom when the waiter dropped it off.  I wasn't sure if it had mayonnaise on it or not.  So I asked the waiter for a side of mayonnaise for him.  My husband looked up and gave me a crazy/evil look.  I spent the next ten minutes sobbing.  I was a mess.  I guess all of my emotions dealing with the relocation, the fact that his company has made this process anything but easy for us, the entire day of traveling and then driving around in the rental car, etc... just caught up with me.   I hardly ever almost never cry in front of him.  I felt better once I was done.  After my cry fest I was able to eat my dinner.   Then we headed back to the hotel to get some sleep for another day of house hunting.

{We ended up finding a home...that will be shared in a future post}

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