Friday, April 8, 2011

Super Cute - Almost FREE - Easter Decorations

I love the way some of my fellow bloggers decorate their homes for the holidays.  I wish I had a mantle for our fireplace to decorate (hopefully in our next house).  I have a bookshelf in our office/dining room that I try to jazz up...

Yesterday when I saw that Walgreens was offering a free 8 x 10 print, I remembered I had this super cute sring subway print and quickly ordered it online.  I picked it up today, rummaged through the garage until I found an old white frame, had my husband spray paint it white, and then framed it.  I love it.  If you would your own print - you can get one {HERE}.  A big thanks to the girls at eighteen25 for another great download.

When my mom was visting a few weeks back we picked up this cute purple bunny for our front yard.  I think it was $5.99.

I stumbled across this apocotherapy jar a few months back.  So far it has had fake lemons in it, green and red Christmas balls, and now this.  I picked up this grass and these eggs at the Dollar Store this weekend.

What neat things have you done to decorate for spring/Easter?


Gina said...

I wasn't planning on decorating for Easter. But I just bought a bunch of Mason jars and now I'm thinking that eggs and jellybeans might be awfully cute in them!

Amanda Joy said...

This turned out so cute! I need to get that print from eighteen25, I have the perfect frame at home:)