Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trying out a Newport Bakery ~ Testing Out the Competition

A trip to a new place (Newport, Rhode Island) would not be complete without checking out some of the local bakeries.  I am happy to report the actual town we are moving to doesn't have a SINGLE bakery... a big woohoo for me and some motivation to get my business finally off of the ground.  We actually only ended up checking out one-

I checked them out online before we left for our trip.  They are winners of the 2010 Knot award for best wedding cakes.  They list on their menu a spinach feta cheddar square (I never saw this in the display).  Not sure what it is...but it sounds tasty.  Or the Thanksgiving sandwich (didn't see this either...but we were too early for lunch)- turkey, stuffing, and cranberry.  Or I may have to try the coconut caramel chocolate chip cookie!

Our Reactions - We stopped in Wednesday morning.  Here is the display case -

We ended up getting one of every cookie.  Our favorite ended up being the frosted sugar cookies :)  The others ones were just okay and I think I make better ones ;)   My least favorite was probably the coconut caramel chocolate chip one.

We also tried a french toast breakfast was okay.

We also had 2 cupcakes - one strawberry with a butter cream icing and one that was a chocolate cake with a cream filling and a chocolate ganache on top.  I liked the chocolate one the best.

All in all I wasn't impressed.  I didn't care for the design, the display, or many of the items.


Shannon said...

I've been a follower for a while, but my feed has been so cluttered...I've missed out on your blog! I love the colors. Pink and green are my fave combo!

So I take it you want to start a bakery? Neat! I hope you are able to make that come true. I have always wanted to open a cupcake shop. After experiencing the best of the best in DC and being in TX and NC where there is nothing to compare, I'm dying to!

Just the 3 of Us said...

Yes... I do. I want to start with an etsy shop and then go from there.