Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Have You Heard of Small Words?

I have no idea how I first stumbled upon this blog...but it has been in my favorites for awhile.  She makes gorgeous hand painted canvases.   I am pretty sure I first heard of it from Kelly's Korner...but I am not sure.
Small Words
Anyways, I LOVE her work.  I consider myself pretty creative and artistic...but her work is just....WOW!  I could never do anything quite like it.

So when she opened herself up for new orders last week... I JUMPED on it and secured spot # 49 out of 110.  She mostly does signs for children's room. Since Madison is almost 12... I doubt I will get one for her...I put my name on the list in the hopes by the time my # came up... I would be pregnant. 

If not, I can get a sign for my bakery business, order a gift for a friend, or simply pass my turn on to the next person. 

Does anyone else follow her blog that got on the list this time?

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