Monday, May 2, 2011

What a GREAT/Productive Weekend!!

We are moving in 3 months.

Our garage has looked like this for quite some time...with only a small bath to get from the garage to the house -

After a lot of hard work (mainly by my husband) and some Freecyle giveaways.  We still have some flattened boxes to set out for the trash.  Now itt looks like this -

I had the most fun finding a bunch of old photos and Madison's baby book.  Look at these cute photos-

Maddie went to a sleepover last night.  She had a blast...even though I got a text from her at 4am this morning saying she was having "funn".

Chris and I were able to go on a date night...which included dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse and our 2nd trip to Target this weekend.

Today I baked these Peanut Butter Blondies that were to die for.  I will share the recipe this week.  I also made labels and worked on packaging for my baking business.

I went grocery shopping and spent way too much usual.  I have dreams of becoming an Extreme Couponer and only spending $9.27 for $1,000.00 worth of groceries...but I have come to the realization it will probably never happen.  Instead I have the following yummy meals planned for the week - burgers on the grill, chicken gyros, balsamic onion London broil, and brown sugar balsamic pork roast...all done on the grill.


Gina said...

Your packaging is SO cute. :)

Kaitlyn said...

What is the name of your baking business and how did you choose it?