Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just Another Day as a Middle School Teacher -

Today at work...

  • When I asked a kid to spit out his gum for the second time he yelled out I was a racist.  I have taught for nine years in an urban school setting.  I don't pretend to be a prefect teacher.  I am however...NOT a racist.  I am still not sure if I am more mad or more sad.  I hate when some of the kids are disciplined they claim its racism.
  • Another girl had on an inappropriate dress.  We have a dress code.  I let the security guard know.  She was told to 'pull it down'.  Why do we have a dress code? I mean it was super short and she should not have had it on.  The kids are usually given something else to wear.  Then the three times she passed me later in the call she kept calling me a snitch.
  • Another teacher on my team called me to let me know that the same student with the dress code violation blurted out in class "If I was going to smoke, I would smoke weed because it smells better".  How do you know what weed smells like in sixth grade?
  • Then my daughter, who attends my school wasn't feeling well and we had to leave work early...which really was a huge blessing.  I got to come home and take a much needed nap.
I have 7 full days, 4 half days, and 1 teacher work day left....

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