Monday, September 12, 2011

9.10.11 - Our Overnight Trip to Maine

On Saturday morning my father-in-law, Gil, met us at our house and we headed to Maine for the day.  It was a quick easy drive up there.  We stopped for a quick lunch along the way... at a gas station.  Yep... we ate lunch at a gas station.  They had an Italian place inside and it was good.  While eating we saw these two with their lovely hair dos checking out at the register.

 We also stopped at this HUGE Indian along the way so Maddie could pose for some photos.

We arrived in Freeport, Maine and started to hit all of the shops on foot.  The first thing my husband asked me was if I had brought the camera... oops.  We have a small point and shoot and a larger expensive camera (that I have no idea how to use)... both of those were left at home. 
The weather was gorgeous and this was a beautiful little town.  They had all sorts of big stores like the largest LL Bean store, Gymboree, Coach, North Face, etc... as well as a bunch of little fun shops like the one called Abacus where I bought this calendar at.  They are actually 12 separate prints.  So during the month I will frame the print in an 11x14 print and then I figure afterwards there are several (obviously not the cat and dog ones) that I will frame to display in our house.  The $28 price tag on this calendar was much easier to swallow than the $125 print by this artist I really wanted.

Maddie wanted this duck.  It was $59.  She liked it simply because it was decoupaged with French words.  She is obsessed with anything French related.  Obsessed. I explained to her we could very easily create something similar with a paper mache duck at home.  She seemed satisfied with that.

Then we stopped for Wicked Whoopies. We got a small original, an oatmeal creme pie one, and a chocolate peanut butter one.

Here is Maddie with her favorite Starbucks drink - passion fruit ice tea lemonade.

We stopped at this little shop.  They had funny little things like these onion ring flavored mints-

And this moose hat my husband tried on-

A bit further down we found a small ice cream and candy shop that featured lobster ice cream. Maddie and Chris each had a sample.  They were not impressed.  They settled for cookie dough and strawberry cones instead.

Some more photos of Maddie - 

Then we headed to Brunswick where my husband and his four brothers were all born to surprise Chris' Gram.  I am so glad we decided to do this.  She was definitely thrilled to see us.  We had a nice visit with her.

Later that evening we stopped for dinner to get some yummy Maine seafood before heading back to our hotel in Freeport for the night.

The weather was beautiful and we had a great weekend. 

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